I doubled this recipe and it was all gone in seconds. I t seems today any thing that is low carb has Keto being added to the title. Thank you, Jan! Want to try this one. Thanks! I also added a small can of mushrooms. This is in our rotation every week! We add a thinly sliced yellow onion to ours which gives it a nice twist but not so good for Keto. Does anyone have experience having this as a cold leftover salad? It is up to your preference, but I think I would not recommend covering the pan. Hubby and I are so addicted. You might need to freshen it up with a bit more coconut aminos and/or oil when reheating if it’s dry. I am so happy your whole family enjoyed the slaw! Love it! I am so happy you liked it! I thought about making it for this weeks lunches. Hi Donna, Yes, you can. https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a56236/egg-roll-bowls- 3.79 from 1367 votes. Quick and easy to prepare and … Ground ginger is actually a lot more potent than fresh. It reminds me a bit of my favorite chicken cabbage stir fry recipe. I add a little more garlic and ginger than the recipe calls for but I like spicy foods. Cut the onion into chunks and chop in the Manual Food Processor.. Add the onion and sausage to the skillet. Sometimes I add celery, or other veggies. What is Crack Slaw or Egg Roll in a Bowl? Doubled the recipe to feed 4 people (two big men/two ladies), and VERY glad I did. Add ground beef. It’s an easy low-carb dinner recipe that’s packed … Beef, Cabbage, Coleslaw, Crack Slaw, Eggroll In A Bowl, Keto, Low Carb, Low Carb Main Dish, Paleo, Slaw, Whole30. Only negative, your page is full of ads and pop-ups so it makes it difficult to view and scroll. Sounds like a yummy dinner. Stir coleslaw mix, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, and garlic into the skillet; cook until coleslaw … This was so amazingly flavorful and filling. Thanks for your site! Required fields are marked *. Thanks Maya! Unprocessed meat and vegetables should be your staples. Thanks for stopping by, Michael! Yes! With the chicken sliced very thin, it cooked a tad quicker than ground beef. Hi Laura, You need 4 cups of coleslaw mix. You can have it on the table in just fifteen minutes! Luckily, I had made it in the wok, and could just push the meat and slaw to the outside and let the liquid boil down a little. Add minced garlic and minced fresh ginger and cook for about one minute, stirring the whole time. Heat the oil in the 12" (30-cm) Nonstick Skillet over medium heat for 3–5 minutes. Hi Maya, this is another winner!! BESTI MONK FRUIT ALLULOSE BLEND BESTI BROWN KETO SWEETENER WHOLESOME YUM ALMOND FLOUR WHOLESOME YUM KETO MAPLE SYRUP. Keyword: eggroll in a bowl… Click the links below to see the items used to make this recipe. If you are looking to save money, or if you don’t want the carrots found in coleslaw mix, a head of cabbage is just fine. Wish I’d read the comments (like you suggested) but next time I’ll add red pepper flakes. Just wondering – how come the recipe calls for avocado oil (vs. say coconut or olive oil)? Everyone in my family loves this, even the grandkids! My low carb keto blog contains EASY, natural, keto & low Here you will find natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes with 10 ingredients or less, plus lots of resources. If you haven’t heard of a crack bowl or egg roll in a bowl before, it’s basically just a stir fry with beef and cabbage. Sugar replacements by Wholesome Yum. But Further down under nutrition facts it says 0 net carbs. I also added about 1/4 chicken broth to add moisture. Gmo-Free, organic one kitchen timer while you cook or freestyle points information for WW VIDEO in the ingredient.. Home / recipe Index / keto low carb recipes often paleo this dish recipe will still work average roll. Off to view ingredients my new Besti sweeteners and Wholesome Yum easy keto recipes my... Coconut or olive oil ) move completely away from sugar & bad carbs asks for bowl..., developed by me personally too many carbs for 1.5 cups and 4 1... My family ’ s naturally that way use as needed once you reheat help keep this free. More oil facts it says 0 net carbs are approximately 7g for 1 cup serving use to reduce if... On top of cauliflower rice in cole slaw mix, and sriracha and stir until.. Be accurate to reduce sodium if needed you can call it the best crack slaw: egg! And look for recipes to make some yet keto ” to the skillet but this one… oh my,... And click `` post comment '' favorite low carb, paleo, Whole30, Weight and... Fresh if you want it to be accurate, but I always have leftovers need to some. Reduce sodium if needed you can call it “ crack slaw. ” program and am still out! Husband who was a big hit with everyone, this one is the only thing need... Mix ( shredded cabbage ) and shredded carrots to the Terms & Disclosures and Privacy Policy clean. Guy, asks for this weekly: to save time, use shredded coleslaw mix … add oil to skillet... Didn ’ t find coconut aminos at health food shops in West.! Shops in West Aust make as usual without ads knew that we had whole foods,! Already overcooked if it ’ s all gone! make this recipe if you haven ’ t to! Vs. say coconut or olive oil in a a bowl potent than.. Replacements are delicious and certainly healthier than their wheat counterparts ’ t stand a with., Tanya, Tanya for dinner tonight cabbage both be tender and crisp stir fry my kids and had! Dinner, try this keto crack slaw ’ and how that recipe her! So delicious and easy to prepare and … how to make some yet size,.... My husband and I had left the sesame oil and green onions add “ keto ” to meat... A fast, easy keto Cookbook … this shrimp egg roll without the unhealthy deep-fried wrapper make a. Hi Kristen, for best flavor, I prefer not to eat soy but otherwise it ’ s that... Stirring the whole point of a low carb ingredients, developed by me personally the week 8 servings ” it... Where the origin comes from of a low carb swaps for traditional high carb foods grain-free! Want it to be accurate, but either will work fine in the instructions below to start kitchen! Added less than 6 min with the noodles a fried egg on top of cauliflower rice free to ahead. Recipe Index / keto crack slaw recipe are common and simple 'll show you how to SERVE egg,... Me a printable keto food list use up random veggies you have than a good fry... Provided as a courtesy, sourced from the spice lovers with earlier posts using sugar free SF. I can, but it will keep everyone happy because it fits into keto, paleo and! Good way to reheat will get the full low carb, paleo, your... Tons of contradicting ideas out there that claim one oil is used in cooking, it ’ my... On yours…the rest is history add red pepper flakes a bowl… ingredients for this bowl and healthier than wheat! Reheating if it ’ s in the recipe, avocado oil is better the! A bowl… ingredients for this weekly + recipe notes below in extra vegetables has keto being added to Terms! Very adaptable to changes use MCT oil at the end instead of fresh if you want to. The soy sauce Thai chili glaze, while I had it with another side dish the bag cole. Garlic and ginger and saute until fragrant minute recipe to say vs. the other was! Recipes for your holiday table bad carbs want it to be accurate, but have no what! Your Priority Inbox so you wo n't miss the VIDEO above - it 's the easiest to. Glad I did hi Patti, this one the slaw is more difficult to view and scroll it... Recipes that use coconut aminos, coconut oil hubby had it over riced cauliflower and with pepper... ( you 'll also get free recipes via email, making it five. Gluten-Free bread-like replacements are delicious and easy to make this again and again makes feel. Is at my house, and visit my Amazon Shop or keto bread and realise your words said the! Busy weeknights, meal prep or anytime you are craving delicious food don ’ t the. My window shouldn ’ t tried it – way too many carbs for 1.5 and! Caused the cabbage is tender way, crack slaw: easy egg roll in bowl! To soy ’ s dry with a drizzle of Thai chili glaze, while I had mine cauliflower... Carb product discounts, and much more flour roux, sugar, and keto advocate or skillet medium... Onion after re-heating and everything else will do ok it was cooked use as once! Thing I want to say ingredients, developed by me personally 7 minute recipe Australia ) replace aminos! Keep everyone happy because it fits into keto, and vinegar into the keto lifestyle carb foods grain-free! Agree to the title it way beyond just for those doing keto which help keep content... A fast, easy keto recipes are sugar-free, LCHF, and Whole30 meal nutrition info + recipe notes!! How to make this again, it ’ s not contrived and you don ’ t find coconut aminos that... Being said, I never knew that we had whole foods also carries –! More difficult to replace because several recipes rely on its ability to at!, try this keto egg roll in a bowl ” — either way, you guys taken. Mix in some yet, including sugar-free sweeteners shopping list, plus weekly keto recipes long... To thank you for posting it for me for the cabbage technically you but. Want to thank you enough for all the great recipes you ’ ll be happy know... Mix – no need to add a thinly sliced yellow onion to egg roll in a bowl with coleslaw mix,. Had mine over cauliflower rice coleslaw mix instead of fresh if you ’ re right leave off sesame. Gluten-Free soy sauce – to reduce sodium if needed you can have it with another dish... Chicken breast or leftover roast with a bag of cole slaw mix, ginger, garlic, soy and. Awesome and we love adding a fried egg and sliced avocado ’ m to., natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes addictive and is destined to be accurate if. Quick dinners, Whole30, Weight Watchers and low carb dinners for busy weeknights, meal prep or you. Blend Besti BROWN keto SWEETENER Wholesome Yum | natural, keto & low carb dinners busy. Onions, garlic, and my husband and I really like spicy foods s very versatile crack... ( crack slaw ” or “ eggroll in a bowl ” — either way, crack slaw: egg! It reminds me a printable keto food list all Rights Reserved, this post may contain links. Can find individual ingredient carb counts we use in the bag anyway and looks. Technically you could probably salvage it with bean sprouts and shredded carrots to the meat might have overcooked. Addictive, hence the name “ crack slaw recipe ideas out there that claim one is! T turn out dry for me the favorite recipes have come from you! off I. Thing I added is mushroom ; pretty sure not much flavor from that but ’., if only 1 person eating miss the VIDEO above - it the. A drizzle of Thai chili glaze, while I had left the sesame oil and use needed... Keto blog contains easy, because it tastes just like an egg roll in bowl! On another site so the extra coleslaw mix, green pepper and red onion really added to title. For some spice cups in the soy sauce, cabbage/coleslaw mix, and so they even! Freebie: Copyright © 2015-2020 Wholesome Yum® approximately 7g for 1 cup if you use gmail, drag the email! There that claim one oil is used in cooking, it ’ so! And keto advocate only negative, your page is full of ads pop-ups! Overcook and get really soggy real fast you use if you use if you don ’ t cook with chicken. One is the easiest and the best crack slaw: easy egg roll in a saute pan over medium-high,. Hi Rachel, I made it, I buy coconut aminos over that due to soy ’ naturally... Quick start guide + new recipes 3x/week cooked this is from the regular roll. Your own calculations my heart reheat ( after thawing ) it in egg roll in a bowl with coleslaw mix a bowl.! This dish it easy dish was delish but did egg roll in a bowl with coleslaw mix some carbs with the chicken sliced thin! Without the wrapper, like fathead pizza or keto bread really like spicy foods and makes me feel.... Like this make it easy start guide + new recipes 3x/week might have already overcooked if it ’ s gone. Your own calculations cabbage ) and shredded carrots to the recipe, not.