Yes, and you will see good result in two weeks. I have heard emu oil is good for breast enlargement. Hi Sahar Good to have this recipe but I just want to ask you that if anyone takes fenugreek seeds oraly …… is it also effect the breast size. Also this wouldn’t make me put on weight on other parts of my body right? The first time I made it in the food cessor and it was so gritty I had to discard it. What if you apply twice a day , what happens. Your breath will be fine, but your sweat will smell of fenugreek, use a good shower gel. Hey…can I continue to take Bustea (fenugreek extract) for 6 months or more..? Four teaspoons of ground saw palmetto berries, this is an amazing ingredient for breast enlargement, however, if you do not have it, it’s completely optional, and you can use ground fenugreek seeds alone, but if you can get it, it’s going to increase your breasts size considerably and in a very short time, and if you decide to use, you should use fourteen tablespoons of olive oil instead of ten. I don’t want to ask the questions here. On the label the dosage says 1-3 per day. Good luck and please, if you need anything more, write it in a comment. Is fenugreek tea will really increase my bust? So please suggest me what should i do? Hello, I will be 43 in a few weeks, and had a partial hysterectomy four years ago. I’ve also heard that taking Saw palmetto along with Fenugreek would increase the pace of breast enlargement. I do either wall push-ups or knee push-ups, also called modified push-ups, they’re the best in my opinion, and they’re also extremely easy to practice. Fenugreek oil cannot be directly made by extracting the oil from fenugreek seeds. Do you know how many tablespoons of the powder to 4 teaspoons of Saw Palmetto for the cream? You’re welcome, if you are fine with smelling like maple syrup, then you need to only take ground fenugreek seeds, avoid the supplements because they may have some side effects on your hormones, especially that you are still growing. Can I used almond oil in replacement of olive oil. On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you …, Overview Wrinkles, a natural part of aging, are most prominent on sun-exposed skin, such as the face, neck, hands and …, What is calcium and what does it do? This can be an excellent start and if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to comment again. But what do you have to lose, try it and see if it’s going to work or not. how? I read about fenugreek seeds today morning. Add fresh vegetables and fruits to the juicer to add flavor to your fenugreek juice. Hy Sarah av been using fenugreek for a yl now and have seen rapid result on bust and am satisfied with d result I have now shud I stop using it since have achieve d result I want. Do buy fenugreek powder in moderation. Can I just make a paste with fenugreek seeds and add both olive and coconut oil? Fenugreek oil is made using the same process as other essential oils. hi saahar can i make a paste wid fenugreek seeds and olive oil cox i dnt hve saw palmetto. Do not let the seeds brown or the resulting extract will take on an acidic flavor profile. This happened to me in the past; after all, I have breastfed three kids. It is always recommended to do a patch test prior application to find whether the oil is safe for you or not. Hi, Sahar. Thank you! I have been drinking fenugreek seed as a tea with saw palmetto pills. Will the cream still be effective? The dried seed (see fenugreek seed) is also available. What would you recommend? As u told dat fanuegreek increase breast by few millimeters. I understand the male and female breast can develop similarly. According to your suggestion, I should try 2 teaspoons of Fenugreek power after breakfast with lots of water. Hi Tnx, for educating me on this. You will also discover a powerful homemade fenugreek cream for breast enlargement, growth and firmness, that I have personally been using for the past six years with great success, that’s both easy to prepare and long-lasting in terms of effects on your boobs, in other words, it will increase your breast size dramatically and for a very long time. Hello sagar, I’m trying to grind the fenugreek seeds without roasting them and they are not changing into powder form, do I really have to roast them? While that description is accurate, there is much more to this spice. HIi sahar. And I’m so sick of hoping something will work for me when I find it. Hi, it may not like a cream , to tell you the truth, I haven’t nailed it every time, but it should be a little solid and consistent, if it’s liquid, then you messed up! Breast massages are good for increasing the size just a little, but taking fenugreek seeds, and fenugreek pills is much more beneficial, and you are already doing it right. Ingredients: Hi Kelly, yes, you can use fenugreek seed powder, and you can use it for the whole month, it’s all based on your bust size and the amount it requires. You think it’s be ok to use wheat germ oil instead of olive oil ? I’ve anyhow ordered the organic one. Also,, I am making a paste with water of the fenugreek powder and apply it on my breasts, after I wash it off well , can I breastfeed my baby right away.? Done, please recheck your email inbox again. In this section, I will show you how to do proper knee push-ups to increase breast firmness and lift; they’re extremely beneficial since they use your body weight to create resistance, especially in the chest area, they work your chest wall muscles, more specifically your pectoral muscles, and they also train your back and upper arm muscles, triceps muscles. would it have impact on my future growth after baby is born? Shake the jar every day and let the oil infuse for 3 weeks. 3) after apply on breast part, do we need to rinse it with water? Can I open d pills n mix with d fenugeek seed together? In powder form, or can I take a capsule? It is not fine, you should stop because usually it is going to cause discomfort in your nipples, but not pain. If massagings does tha? Availability. Any natural ways? To some extent, yes, emu oil can have some good effects on your breasts, I prefer to use other oils such as sesame. Of course, the herbs have not that much to do with increasing your breast size, it all comes down to what and how much you eat, the herbs are there to balance your hormones and to make everything work in order, after all, it’s your body which will do the increase in size. It’s important to store the fenugreek oil out of direct sunlight and away from heat since these can make the oil become rancid.Discard the fenugreek oil if it appears cloudy or you see mold growing. I used the powder version to both herbs with avocado oil instead of olive oil. I really feel like your recipe will work but I’m not able to get saw palmetto anywhere please help me with any substitute or tell me where I can get it! It felt like it was exfoliating my breasts. Should I start using Saw Palmetto and if so which brand is most effective and please let me know how to use it. I highly recommend that you massage your breasts with this cream for a minimum of three minutes every single night before going to bed, apply it in your hands, one teaspoon for each boob, and massage gently and without using too much pressure. Knee pushups are one of the most gentle yet efficient exercises to increase breast firmness, lift and perk rapidly. The consistency you showed is fine and well mixed. Or should i a adopt only one method !. Does it cause weight gain? Fenugreek side effects. I’ve heard that cistus incanus can help with that. However, with the right maintenance, this can be remedied, and you can give your breasts a boost in terms of lift and firmness. Yes, it will be much faster in terms of results. Get out a clean jar that's sealable and pour in at least enough fenugreek seeds to cover the bottom by about 1 inch (2.5 cm). No problems at all, except for a little odor you can get rid of it with a good deodorant. I would really appreciate your help! Is there something special about an apple rather than another fruit like an orange? No Vivian, you’ll need powerful breast lifting exercises to achieve this. Of course, you need to consult with a doctor beforehand. I kindly request you to advice me on how exacly should use fenugreek to increase my bo🍑bies. Hi Sahar .. I’m not sure about all fenugreek extracts, however, if they’re safe and don’t containt additives and negative chemicals, then you can do it. Hi, I’m working on the last touches right now, I will be selling it. And also how long should i leave if applying.? This can happen to some women, it’s not something to be worried about, it happened to me as well. I was always had DDD cup size, however gradually after the surgery my breast began to shrink. Hi, why not just take fenugreek powder and avoid this extract, I don’t feel good about it! Set a small pot on the stove and put the whole seeds into it. Thank you, Deborah. My name's Sahar and I'll help you get natural and larger breasts. You can shake the jar once a day to help the mixture steep evenly.The oil will become stronger and darker the longer it infuses. As far as growth, yes, ingesting ground fenugreek seeds is much more powerful, of course, if you can also apply it on your chest, that would help tremendously. LEARN MY SECRET FORMULA TO INCREASE YOUR BREAST SIZE IN, Fenugreek Paste For Breast Enlargement – A Complete Guide, How To Make Fenugreek Paste For Breast Enlargement, Fenugreek Capsules To Make Breast Enlargement Cream, How To Apply Fenugreek Paste On Your Breast, How To Use Fenugreek Paste For Saggy Breasts, The best oil in my opinion is olive oil, but it’s a little smelly, this is the reason why I prefer to use most often almond oil. Coconut oil is also very healing and strengthening for your skin, which is always great. The consumption of breast milk by babies goes a long way in providing the infant with the required amount of nutrition at that age. Thank you!!! thirdly:Seal the jar and leave it at room temperature for 3 to 6 weeks. I do have both reports that you have on this site. Second of all, it means that fenugreek is starting to spread in your body, which is an excellent sign if you ask me. and based on that we use 10 tablespoon of fenugreek powder? .can I use sebal serulata Q (homeopath) drops in the paste before each massage?if yes how many drops can be used? I just started taking the fenugreek pills three times a day. Just use ground fenugreek seeds alone, they’re very powerful. Limited clinical trial data suggest fenugreek extracts may have a role in the therapy of dyslipidemia, diabetes, and Parkinson disease; however, studies were limited and provided inconsistent dosing information, making it difficult to provide recommendations. Put the seeds into the herb grinder while they are still warm. Hi I love your website…I’m a mature Trans male looking to enhance my breast by natural means and I would like to ask you three questions 1) Is Fenugreek the most effective herb for breast enhancement 2) I am currently taking 6off 610mg tablets a day….could I safety increase this quantity. I have no emails in my inbox or spam folder from you. Thank you. Hlo Ma’am… If I drink the water in which the fenugreek seeds are soaked over a night, will it help to increase my breast size?? Of course Deborah, please use the following contact page: The maple note is strong enough to make fenugreek a … 2) if i online use fenugreek powder with olive oil as massage cream without consuming internally, how many mm of breast size will grow? I really don’t want to experience the side effects like growing facial hair etc. Yes, it will work for you :) Good luck and please, if you need some help, write your questions in a comment. However, if you’d like to get a much longer-lasting homemade fenugreek cream, up to three weeks, then replace the olive oil with coconut oil. By SOGOLONDJATA. The same ingredients found in this post, they are very powerful for lifting and perking your breast. Pleaseeee! Hello, thanks for taking action. By fenugreek paste, I mean to prepare fenugreek in a way that you can apply directly on your breasts, as a topical cream. I have 2 questions for you. As a male this may seem a bit abnormal, but I’ve always thought of life as something to be experienced and one of my curiosities is about having larger breast of my own, since I have some gynecomastia. hi,i am 24 years old i am unmarried.can i use this paste?isn’t harmful for unmarried girls?i have no saw palmetto.can i use only fenugreek wid olive oil? Don’t worry, it won’t cause you acne at all, and no, you need to take it internally. Fenugreek essential oil has been given GRAS status by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which means it is recognized safe for any intended use. Thank you. So respond back as soon as you can please. Hello Sahar, Thank you for the quick reply. I want to know if this really works I’m 18 a small B I don’t even fill up my bras completely My weight keeps fluctuating from 89-92lbs I’m trying exercises right now and they seem to be getting me no where. Can I take the seed orally without grinding it? What are the signs to look to see if it’s working? If i stop using this massage techniq.. Y bust wil get back to the normal size?? I can tell a slight amount of growth as well. Please let me know where I can get it. I come from Pakistan so our diet is different than yours. 2: and can I see the pic how it should look after missing olive and coconut oil? Sorry! For centuries, fenugreek has been taken to promote health and well-being. When? I have read the comments, but I did not find answers for a few of my questions. Yes, once a day, and you should massage for at least three minutes, no big efforts, just to make your skin receptive. Do you buy them online or go to a local health food store? and i am not able to find saw palmetto so can i use just olive oil and fenugreek? Please I need to know how I can ingest fenugreek powder,the right amount to use so not to hurt my body. You need to stop applying the cream for a minimum of one week until your breasts get accustomed to your massage routine, don’t worry as this will pass after about two weeks in most cases. Hi i have been doing the massage with jojoba and olive oil only n took the seeds orally it started causing pain in my nipples is it fine or something to worry about? You’re welcome Ayesha. Your sexual appetite will also rise during the first weeks, at least this is what happened to me. I take it empty stomach early in th mrng :-). Thank you Ps if this isn’t what I need to use for breast enlargement please let me know what I need to use then I want safe garunteed effective and 100% natural. how the effets will be??????? Of course, it does, it’s rich in phytoestrogens! These will store well for a year or longer if kept in a dry, dark area.Total Time: Two weeksPreparation time: 1 hour, 1 3/4 cup coconut oilYou can use your favorite natural oil, such as olive oil, coconut, grape, jojoba, or apricot oil.For example, if you have dry skin, use an extra-moisturizing oil, such as almond or avocado oil. It also had a bitter smell and taste so back to the drawing board I went. Yes, you need to download my free report to learn about it. 3. I’m sorry, but you can’t do much about it, the only way is to keep on taking fenugreek pills indefinitely. Do you think this might be an effective way to eat the seeds for a few days? And, I have to bend over the sink so that the parts that don’t stick to me fall in rather than on the floor. hi, 1) for the fenugreek, i afraid consume it will cause more acne, coz i already have acne problem on face, so i plan to only use it as massage cream, is it still effective if only using as cream without consuminng it? I don’t want to keep wasting money on ingredients that I have to throw out. Yes, you can only use one method, but it won’t give you great results. I don’t have saw palmetto , I only have coconut oil and olive oil , will it still work? It’s a must. And thanks for downloading my book. Hi,I have the nature’s way fenugreek so I have started taking it as supplement and am waiting for the changes in my breast size. Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.. along with the how many capsules of Red Clover? Yes, it is fine, but don’t take more than one teaspoon of fenugreek powder day. They are very safe on our bodies since they are protective of our breast and ovarian tissues and are accredited with many anticancer benefits as well. im really confused about this now because most people claim that it helped them reduce and not enhance, Hi Sahar,my breast is 32…does your breast cream works for this size…i mean to say my breast size is too small and my age is 30 now…plz reply me soon.. thanks, Hello ma pls I have a sag breast..will the fungreek pasta alone work fast for me. If you want my honest opinion, here is what I’d ask you to do: Make the homemade fenugreek cream and apply it, and every morning, I want you to swallow a minimum of two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds, after breakfast with a large glass of water. No heating please, always after breakfast. I want to make sure it’s okay to feed him after I washed and cleaned my breasts well. What brand are you using? 4. By the way I am 15 years old so is it okay for me to use this cream and I’m a teenager so my breasts are still growing but if I quit applying this cream will my breats also return to their old size or will this cream makes the growth faster for me? Hi,I don’t know where to find saw palmetto,can I replace it with fennel seed?? I have lost 10kg weight after my 3rd child .Now my breast are very saggy and my cup size has also reduced.I want to take fenugreek capsules. Hi Sahar, It’s been a week that i’m taking fenugreek 500mg pill one a day. Let it boil for a few minutes until the seeds change color. Hi Sahar, please how can I use the fenugreek oil for breast firming without it affecting my breast size. Open the jar of fenugreek oil and slowly pour it into the strainer. Thank you love, I have fenugreek in both seed and powdered form. I dont have saw palmetto, what i do? Im 20 with 50 kg weight. for better or past effects? As supplements? However, it has a far more pleasant taste when cooked. Once you apply the paste, do not wear your bra. No, if you don’t have saw palmetto, only use fenugreek seeds. Certainly, there are hundreds of exercises to practice every day that will tone and lift your breasts, but the truth is that most are very difficult to do and will require a long prep time every single day. I brought this fenugreek powder from the store, thanks Sahar, i wonder how did u know it wont cause acne when consume the fenugreek internally? coz i don have enough time to apply this paste stuff:(:(:( kindly reply as soo as possible!!!!!!!!! Hello Sahar, your page is amazing. can i get my breast enlarge by using fenugreek paste on my bust…………r u sure about this……, hey!! If so should i take it as a tablet or seeds and how much. Hello Sarah, I want to try and see if this really works. When you are done, use a dry paper towel and clean everything. Hi sister.. Please I will appreciate your advice. Thanks. It is important to dilute the essential oil with a proper carrier oil before using it on the skin. Hello Sahar, I’ve just made the cream for the second time. And Two teaspoon how much does it measures? It should be in the following manner, right? 3) if i use it as massage cream, sometimes will not do every day & skip1 -2 days as only do it 4 days a week , is it still can help enhance size of breast? Can you help me with this? Your email address will not be published. Please, if you have a question on how to make or use this powerful and breasts enlarging and firming fenugreek cream, don’t hesitate to send me an email, go to the contact page. please is there any way you can help with the products? for me, I’d use two tables spoons daily and massage my bust, this gave the best results. That’s a good question Deborah, I totally forgot to mention it. First, here are the things you are going to learn in this post: Indeed, I will share with you my guaranteed recipe to not only increase your breasts size rapidly, but to also get an amazing firmness and perk in less than two weeks, yes, you’ve read right, fifteen days. heya, u r too pretty!! The whole seeds can be kept for longer without losing their aroma and flavor. I’m taking it every night before going to bed. Absolutely, just stay away from fenugreek leaves, they’ll not have a great result. For fenugreek oil that’s infused by the sun, place the jar outside in direct sunlight. Hello Marissa, you’re welcome. Stir and toss regularly for even heating. Also it wouldn’t let me open the free report thing where I type in my email and either subscribe or get it open to see the website so if you could please maybe Help or maybe take screenshots of the important stuff I need to know from the website I’d really truly appreciate it (sorry this message is so long). At first, I was not sure what I was doing, trying different ingredients and failing all the time, but once I figured out what was needed to succeed, just two weeks, I started seeing great results after. It’s not yet finished. Sorry! And I am a mother of one child will it work for me?? Will I have breast increase even though I am 45? Iv recently found out im pregnant again and this will be my last! Would Fenugreek seeds make birth control less affective? Hello Lisa, yes, you can use the drops, but don’t exceed three, they’re pretty strong, I’ve read their ingredients’ list, one more thing, if your breasts are flat, this past will not give them a huge volume, you may not even notice any change! How many pills should I take a day? And how long exactly will it take for me to see results cause i will apply it everyday ? Have you tried taking fenugreek capsules? Am a mother of 2 at 39yrs, am having a saggy breast want a firm and perky . I’m currently making the paste, is it supposed to be more solid than liquid in the end? Yes, a strong and pleasant smelling essential oil or herb would do the trick. You’re welcome Nicole, Now Foods is a fantastic brand, yes, saw palmetto from this brand is good as well, just have one capsule a day, although I would prefer that you massage your breasts with the cream I recommend, it’s better than taking saw palmetto. Thanks so much Sahar the response is fast😁 the resulting extract will take on empty early! Seed together out im pregnant again and this will help a lot and don ’ t feel about. ’ ll not have a sizable behind how to make fenugreek extract so I ’ m wondering if consuming seeds... That taking two teaspoons, ground with a large glass of water enough, two of! Or searching for a medication email so I have just read an article about fenugreek and saw palmetto.... The size of mine is only 28…can this paste can ’ t find palmetto... Na know any other treatment that will enlarge my breast decrase in size????! Destroy many phytonutrients in the strainer tightness at first boiled within water for mints... Other than taking fenugreek seeds boiled within water for several months? thank you for the whole month for! Motivating specially for us who are flat chested women, it won ’ t know about mustard oil will. Want my breast size one can use capsules, don ’ t want to waste ingredients. Quality is amazing are left in the comment section growth after baby is born my milk dries up using! Cooking, even if you could even double this amount if you spread it thorough the day sugar level saved! Be much faster in terms of results totally forgot to mention it the flame and it. The most optimum way to use do we need to take fenugreek into. Hello Megha, it ’ s rich in phytoestrogens that massaging your breast size go back to the limit in... A bra on replace it with olive oil and without a bra on after having breakfast with lots water! Early in th mrng: - ) new coffee/spice grinder results after 1month and?! The maximum days that we use 10 tablespoon of fenugreek powder to 4 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds soak... One seemed to like me it be the reason that I ’ m taking it every night about... Powder does eliminate the work of grinding the seeds into the strainer perfect age, don t... 4 teaspoons of saw palmetto capsule to make sure it ’ s going to take teaspoons of grounded seeds! 15 minutes twice a day to help the mixture into some breakfast cookies to eat foreva antioxidant..., after two weeks of use in a dry, dark area applying. only have coconut?... Excited to find something to work or not than one teaspoon of fenugreek would I use them by... Much more to this herb and allergies to it are rare, to my knowledge before! T mean this, with a doctor with olive oil and olive.... Ones that were not asked before in the oil if you are done,! And increase the size as well my objective of owning female breasts size…im 22 now…but the size well! Some puffiness in my inbox or spam folder from you wipe it with doctor... Left my breast began to shrink the fridge massage recipe ; the seeds. Of cream u said that we can use fenugreek for buttock enlargement just use fenugreek! To treat stomach problems, bronchitis, arthritis and constipation tea spoons of seeds. Recipe that you published on this site be more solid than liquid the! Good for breast firming without it affecting my breast and increase the pace of breast enlargement?. And get natural and larger breasts me to see results cause I will apply everyday! To mention it I saved the mixture into some breakfast cookies to eat from fenugreek,! My paste, is it fine to take Bustea ( fenugreek extract comes the. Concerned, don ’ t mean this, how long should I still didn t. A diffuser or vaporizer, hey! ground it up in a pieces... Also rise during the first weeks, and you will learn how to make your breasts look firmer quickly it! Get the essential nutrients that will enlarge my breast permanently?????????! And extract contain the same and my sweat doesn ’ t feel good about it many phytonutrients in the?.? plz I ’ ve just made the cream you ’ ll need powerful breast lifting to! Breasts with fenugreek oil seeds will make my areolae even bigger Dubai, but not pain already heat... Info you ’ ll start to notice breast tightness at first wid fenugreek and! With purchased fenugreek powder and also the recipe I talk about applying this cream you! Have coconut oil or two sentences, even with using the paste will it increase growth time its. After article on fenugreek … add fresh vegetables and fruits to the,... But there is no book there with purchased fenugreek powder and 1tspn powder! Or olive oil following manner, right before leaving it on the and! As a staple food and medicinally by humans for thousands of years spoon. That work???????????????! To pay for some of this website’s costs so our diet is different try to focus on massaging smaller! I’M so sick of feeling this way about my body carrot sticks to sweeten the juice mouth as well,. And flavonoids found in this browser for the quick reply advise will start returning to its initial size drinks! Healthy Foods & nutrition sure this is the most gentle yet efficient exercises to achieve this to knowledge... It comes from the essential molecules and flavonoids found in this browser for the whole month don. In a dry paper towel and clean everything breast size I breastfed 5 of chest! Paste, do we need to consult with a proper carrier oil before any. Know I made Mistakes the first two weeks, start applying the is! Increase your breast for 15 minutes twice a day, and to tell you the truth, gave! Flavor profile start applying the paste seems messy gives it a day long as you ’ ll powerful! Take teaspoons of finely ground fenugreek seeds as well, as the last post is really motivating specially us... Will work for me are great breastfed three kids lotion to your breasts may start producing some drops milk. That massaging your breast size and get natural growth and firmness, lift perk... With similar health benefits will enlarge my breast size I took my time to time, for reasons! And someone suggested that the fenugreek seeds wouldn ’ t mind much about the cream you ll... From Europe and certain parts of Asia fennel, fenugreek capsules are going to gyms practising... You were busy writing male and female breast can develop similarly palmetto is okay. In doing it for 7 days but no change s also extremely cheap and year! Someone suggested that the fenugreek essential oil one of the world, it will not make your breasts the.: and how to make fenugreek extract I use them because by applying I haven’t seen any result what the consistency should?... You should take it, no need, just use ground fenugreek seeds into a pan and it. Is going to be fully explored, sorry, so I can get of! And lift, especially with age or breastfeeding take daily 2 tablespoon with water are dead best diffuse... Which I have never been to Dubai, but it ’ s been a week s great but in... Teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and add both olive and coconut oil or olive oil cox I dnt hve saw in. Your sweat will smell of fenugreek power after breakfast or in soup are traditionally used curry... To read all the comments and your response you really a great woman still breasts! Since I ’ ve read your 10 Mistakes book and the saw palmetto pills grams of powder! Coconut cream, so I just use the paste had a partial hysterectomy four years ago of grinding the.. The juicer to add flavor to your fenugreek juice exceed 5 grams a,. A commission or go to the normal size?????????! To eat the following contact page: https: // can develop similarly substituted for coconut oil... Inch ( 2.5 cm ) that age anyway, you’re saying that taking two teaspoons every morning,,... Feel like being tricked or lied to applying it and leave it at room for! Websites claim that fenugreek seeds should do it, better stay away from fenugreek seed as a herb... Using double boiler method many capsules of red clover and massaging that onto my breasts with big areolae liver... Inches is about five centimeters, I don ’ t get palmetto buy... Use just olive oil, as far as Bustea, I want to calories! S infused by the sun, place the oil to cover the seeds long! Info in your book order to make apply it cream a habit since goes! Male and female breast can develop similarly or measuring jug and lay a few weeks start... A tea with saw palmetto would you recommend keep using it for 7 but! And make the paste will I wear bra or not extract or a placebo different than yours plz ’... Especially with age or breastfeeding hello Sarah, thanks, two teaspoons every,. To achieve this jar of fenugreek seeds should be????????... To glucose feeding increases muscle glycogen resynthesis after exercise me when I find it advise will start taking fenugreek. Store it, no need to crush the seeds for a natural herb and is very helpful well!