Copy this code and paste it into your website. Previous. Capital in the 21st Century Soundtrack Music - Complete Song List | Tunefind The talking heads offer some solutions, particularly wealth and inheritance taxes, but the emphasis is more on sickness than cure. Capital in the 21st Century The mix of economic problems we now face could be labelled ‘stagtration’: dwindling growth caused by upwards concentration of wealth and income. Jean-Benoît Dunckel (from French duo Air) supplies the music. CAPITAL IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Privatisation, deregulation and financialisation, spun as enablers of a more dynamic economy that would lift all boats, are just fancy words for upwards redistribution. You may have heard this from a million rose emoji Twitter accounts. We shared a chuckle at my MIFF night out: a doco about a book by a French economics professor at the multiplex in Melbourne Central. Good news: New Zealand director Justin Pemberton has condensed Piketty’s arguments into a 103-minute documentary. This is our last chance to change the system. Still, I was surprised to emerge from the stairwell and discover the cavernous 800 seat room, usually reserved for superheroes, all but full. The welfare state, universal health care and trade union rights contributed to rising well-being in suburban dream homes. , We'll send you a weekly email with our picks of new and featured content, , Size: What If Trump Had Worn (and Marketed) a Mask? Last modified on Thu 24 Sep 2020 11.45 EDT. Mass Incarceration is Declining, But Not for Women, Get the Feds Out of the Way of Cannabis Reform, Trump’s BLM Withdraws Cattle Grazing Plan in Face of Environmental Lawsuits, Spoiled Meat: the Beef Industry in the United States, Grab ’Em by the Ballot: The Art of the Steal, To the Barricades: The Red House and the Future of Eviction Defense, Imperfect Releases: Andrew Hastie, War Crimes Reports and Australia in Afghanistan, Spilling Ink and Spilling Blood: Fighting and Writing Against America’s Forever Wars, No Time to Waste on Whining, Absent Politicians, Grazing, Irrigation and Climate Change: the Uncertain Future of the Deschutes River, Nichole Stephens, Administrative Assistant. They were remarkably successful in advancing their argument and a procession of neoliberal icons are seen at pivotal points in the counterrevolution: Reagan sacking striking air traffic controllers, Thatcher rolling back the state, Clinton signing away the Glass-Steagall Act, ending 60 years of banking regulation. What Criticisms of Bolivia’s 2019 Elections Continue to Get Wrong, Pukr: Palestinians, Uighurs, Kashmiris and Rohingyas, What is the United States of America?